Army Public School, Agartala
Army Public School, Agartala

Teachers are the kernels of an institution. They are continuously trained in incorporating activity based learning and adopt latest teaching methodologies. APS is totally committed to staff development through a wide range of on-going in service programmes and workshops covering academics, pedagogy and personal grooming.
Hosts of workshops, training sessions, group discussions are taken up in the school. In order to ensure that the things learnt in these training sessions do not fizzle out with time, there are certain lead trainers who are entrusted with the responsibility of creating a follow up plan for the teachers so that the latest methodologies are incorporated effectively within the classroom situations.
APS has also evolved a unique induction programme under which the newly appointed teachers are trained in an effective manner. They are also provided with buddy teachers who help them to understand the mechanics of the school in a better manner.Educators also undergo FDRC training under the ageis of AWES from time to time.
With the education system going through a major make over, today’s teacher needs to be well equipped with the latest tools and technologies to face the challenges and enhance the teaching learning process thereby maximizing interest and productivity among children.